Scott Family Trip '08

June 24  - In Santa Rosa
Going to Safari West

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On our way to Safari West we passed this coffee shop - had to grab a photo for James!
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Along Mark W. Springs Road we came across Turkey Vultures.
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This beautiful Serval cat greeted us at Safari West.
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Black & White Ruffed Lemur
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This Cheetah  gal was just given dinner and 
not so happy about us all standing about 6 feet from her.
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Ring-tailed Lemur like to move it, move it!
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Video of the Lemur.


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Watusi Calves
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Roseate Spoonbill
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The smallest of the Antelopes - Dik-Dik.
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Reticulated Giraffe
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Video of baby Giraffe.


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Video of Giraffe area.


Roan Antelope
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Watusi Cattle
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Watusi Cattle video #1.


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Watusi Cattle video #2.


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A view of a lake and we descend a steep hill.
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Our very patient guide Jenna.
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Video of Gemsbok & Zebra.


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Masai Giraffe
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The male giraffe practice a social exercise called "necking."


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Video of the boys being silly at lunch at Safari West.


We head to Klamath, CA.

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Clam Beach just above Eureka had some really neat sand dunes.
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In Humboldt county we encountered Tsunami Hazard Zone signs.
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I didn't know they still did tent revivals!
Well sure enough someone does - they started up around 7:00 in the evening.
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Our hotel room in Klamath.  It had a really nice garden with a gazebo.
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